Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm not witty and I'm average looking

Tonight I was on FB ... My son was fed, happy and had been given attention so while we settled in for some back toback  Peppa Pig I trolled FB tiredly to amuse myself ...

 & then I saw it ... The woman who ran a half marathon for free, supposedly as a prank to highlight her city. Instead she made negative comments about law enforcement and runners highlighted the risk of crime and took a medal for free. What is worse is the 100's of negative cyber bullying comments that don't truely address what's wrong with her prank. && thus I was compelled to blog in response.

These are my medals. They were not free - they were paid for not just monetarily but with hard work, sweat, blisters, lost toenails, blood &  time away from my family . But what I paid for is tiny compared to what each race gave back to me. Each time I run I am inspired by the best of what people have to offer. 

The runner twice as old as me kicking my ass

The runner twice as heavy as me but doing it nonetheless - get it girl! 

The parent running with a stroller

The charity runner

The runner pushing a wheelchair 

The youngin running with their parents

The elite runners. What athletes!

The support people who get there before the runners do snd stay until the last  person. 

This is the heart of endurance events & instead of highlighting the very best you ms "witty & pretty" made negative comments, poor selfies and not very funny captions.

I personally don't care if you ran the race as a prank for free but rather find your attitude offensive and worst of all you took that medal and laughed at us who paid - and then in response to the backlash edited that part out. 

Your prank could have highlighted the very best attributes of the people from your city but instead it highlighted your arrogance and brought out the worst in readers of your blog.

I guarantee to you that real runners are happy to see "rent a cops" on the course - remember Boston?  I, do. God bless all the law enforcement I hope he is "bored as fuck" as you captioned him because the alternative is awful. Oh and the woman with "bitch  face" she's tired because she's awake before dawn to run 13.1 miles - she's not concerned about taking 20 poor selfies to make fun of others. 

Here's my mid race selfie from the Hollywood half last  weekend - I text this while on the course to my mom to let her know I was still going strong halfway through. Even with asthma and a bone spur and recovering from a cold I'm doing work but my selfies have positive meaning ( see the end ).

So to the "race bandit" I say, I am not amused.  I'm not going to cyber bully you with nasty comments as others have done but rather I find your arrogance and stealing of medal & negative comments to be the act of someone wanting attention and just sad. I wish for you that one day you will see the heart of racing as I do and instead highlight the positive instead. 

14 in 2014 for $14,000 & i paid for every race! & proud! #runningforacure