Thursday, February 13, 2014

All you Need is Love ...


I hope that 2014 is opening up to be a wonderful year for you all filled with good health, love and laughter. In anticipation of tomorrow – the 14th – aka “love” day aka Valentine’s day, I write to you with much love in my heart for all of your continued support, friendship and love during the last year and now on my #14in2014 mission.  I am happy to share with you that so far in less than 1 month I have already raised $430 towards my fundraising goal. I sincerely thank all of you that have helped to get me here.

BUT I am not done yet! I have dedicated this entire year to Janet and Sue my beloved Mother in Law and Aunt and so as many of you have expressed to me an interest in my running from one time to another OR more recently expressed to me that you wish you were closer so that you could participate in my #14in2014 mission to raise $14,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their memory, I came up with the BRILLIANT idea of doing a Virtual 5K. Virtual 5k? What is that I hear you cry? I can’t run, I don’t walk, I am busy that day – well hold up a minute folks while I answer all those questions below.


The event will be done on the weekend of March 28 – 30 at any time you choose.  This will be the weekend that I run my 4th event of #14in2014 and my 3rd event in the month of March.

Each person will get a Bib emailed to them that they can print from home and wear throughout the event. Additionally I will be mailing some other “spirit” goodies for the event day.


You can run or walk or relay it. If you are concerned about completing 5k (3.1 miles) then this is the one for you, you and some friends can split it up. You can split it 5 ways – 1 k per person OR 3 ways 1 mile per person.


You choose where, you can do this at your park or on a treadmill and for those of you internet savvy people out there you can use any number of online map websites to help plan your course. For those of you with iPhones you can not only plan your course ahead of time but you can track it using my personal favorite – the Nike Ap.

If you need help, I am more than happy to assist you virtually to plan your day. For groups doing relay I would recommend a “loop” course or an “out and back” so that you can return to the starting line and your team member can then take his turn OR you can simultaneously do it together – it’s all up to you.


For the Month of March I am running a 5k (3.1), 10K(6.2) and a half Marathon(13.1) – these events will total together 22 miles (not including training miles)  To sign up for this amazing, once in a lifetime event ALL you need to do to sign up is donate $22 (per person) on my fundraising website all proceeds are 100% tax deductible (US residents only) and 100%  goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This may just be the cheapest 5K of your life – especially for all of your European folks – just think of the exchange rate!

I ask that you take lots of photos of the run, your bib, you and your friends enjoying yourself (running is fun remember!) and either email them to me or for those of you using social media tag me and use hash tags listed below. Please also link to my fundraising website and hash tag everything with #14in2014 and #nomorecancer and finally #nevergiveup.

I ask that even if you participate on a treadmill that you still wear your bib – it is not just about raising cash y’all, but also awareness so any promotion of my mission is appreciated.

One more favor, not only should you participate but I ask that you ask a friend - OR if your friend thinks it’s a great idea but has plans for that weekend (well they should cancel the plans because this is way better) then instead maybe they can share their support of you (and me) and sponsor you via my fundraising website.

LASTLY, don’t just run, don’t just sponsor someone, or me  … but take a moment and be grateful for the memory of those you love who have suffered from this disease and reflect on the battle they went through. After you have completed your 5k go to brunch or dinner or happy hour and remember those we love who went through cancer and celebrate their memories together with other friends and family.

If you really really really can’t join in *tear* *tear* then feel free to rush right to my website and donate $14 in honor or memory of someone you love for Valentine’s day.

I hope that you will join me in this Virtual 5K and share with others so that those like My Mother in Law and My Aunt will never be forgotten.

Thank you - from the bottom of my heart.



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