Monday, December 9, 2013

Grateful tonight for my health

It's funny how all consuming grief can be. The hole that a loved one passing leaves behind can be so huge that it can overwhelm you. You can't fill the hole with food, alcohol, tv or even working out. The distraction is only temporary and when it's over the grief is still right there in front of you. But at least with working out there is no guilt or shame after. I totally failed at one of my 2013 goals which was to stop comfort eating with carbs.  2014 will be another opportunity to succeed at that. I will learn from my failures - 2014 I pledge to use my training to manage my stress. A healthy outlet that will benefit my mind and body.

  My loved ones have been on my mind all day since I created this blog and when I left my Zumba class in the cold and the dark my grief was there waiting for me. Such a buzz kill but never the less I made the most of my day and killed my work out.  I also reached out to start making connections for my #14in2014 challenge - I must focus on those positives. There is a long road ahead of me to reach the end of this personal challenge & I'm sure it will be emotional as instead of ignoring the grief I will face it head on. But cancer patients can't ignore their disease either they have to suck it up and go through treatments that temporarily can feel worse than the disease. 

Before you go to sleep tonight take a moment to be grateful - for you health and your family. Don't take it for granted, we only have one body and we must take care of it.

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  1. I thank G-d for you and pray your grief lessens in time, but your memory of your loved ones stays strong. I love you, Mummy x