Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Angel

There was a woman who had the patience of an angel. 

Our Angel had a beautiful baby boy

Who grew up to like rock music just like his Momma.

Our Angel  had a husband & family & friends who all loved her

Then the boy met a girl.

He took the girl home to meet his Mom

Then the two moms got to meet

Soon the boy & girl were engaged.

Then, our Angel got sick. 

Our Angel looked forward to the wedding 

Our Angel fought hard and got better.

Our Angel danced with her Son at his wedding.

The boy & the girl went on a honeymoon 

Our Angel waited for a baby to be born.

We were blessed with a baby boy

The new baby boy looked just like his Daddy when he was born.

Our Angel watched him everyday while his Mama and Daddy went to work.

We celebrated the baby's 1st birthday 

Our Angel was always there to support her son. She was so proud of him.

Our Angel loved the holidays - especially spoiling her grand babies 

She loved me like her own daughter 

Our Angel babysat so we could have date nights & would ask us when we were making her more babies 

Our Angel got sick again.

She couldn't watch her babies anymore, but we still went to visit.

I knew this time was different, so when our Angel lost her hair so did we.

We celebrated Mother's  Day

No matter what she always had the energy for her babies

Our Angel continued to enjoy life with her family 

Then the doctors told us the Chemo didn't work.

I promised my Mother in Law I would always love & take care of her boys. 

Our Angel & her son were forever faithful SF 49er Fans.

We celebrated the baby's 2nd Birthday.

Then heaven gained a new Angel.

"My Angel, My Heart, My Rock"

The Son found the perfect way to honor her Memory when the niners built a new stadium.

Our Angel now has a beautiful view of the City of Angels. 

14 Races in 2014 in memory of Our Angel because every second of every hour of everyday we miss you Mom.

It's not the same without you, we are forever blessed to have had you even if the time we had was far too short. 

No More Cancer.  #14in2014


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. I cried as I read it, I miss you too Jan. G-d is so lucky to have you at his side. Please say hello to my father for me and tell him I love and miss him too. xxx

  2. Such a touching entry!! I just know that your mother in law is rooting and cheering you on too :)